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Monica and Dean Davis are the owners.  Monica is usually in the store and is most eager to help in any way possible. You may be able to hear her before you see her as she loves to share a good laugh.  A true Snicklefritz.  Dean is a "behind the scenes" participant.  He is our CME (Chief Maintenance Engineer) and we couldn't do what we do without him.  He keeps everything together and running.

Andrea Fisher is our resident transfer from Colorado.  She is soft spoken and a great listener.  She can relate to our customers and loves to hear all their stories.  She is quick to remember you when you return to the store and can remember all the details discussed earlier and loves to find out what's new.  She truly enjoys everyone that comes in. It makes my heart glad to know that she cares so deeply for each visitor and helps to make them family before they leave.

Brenda Daniska is very creative.  She loves to do our wreath making classes and does many of the displays you see around the store.  She is an organizer and finds joy in everything being in its place.  She is the one to ask if you can't find something.

Victoria Napier is the cute little girl with the beautiful eyes that loves to talk and share with our customers.  She is excellent and accurate in describing our products and working the register.  She is great at gift wrap and just an overall ray of sunshine in our shop.

Each of our team is ready to help in any way.  If you come into the store, we want to welcome you but also give you time and space to browse.  If you ever need anything, just holler.

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