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Shortly after Dean and I got married in July 1998, I picked up a Mature Living magazine at church.  In that magazine was a story about a grandmother writing encouraging notes to her granddaughter while she was away at college.  Her nickname for the granddaughter was Snicklefritz.  We thought that was a cute name and we began to use it a lot.  When we got our first puppy, we named her Monica's Molly Snicklefritz. 

Although I had a full time job, one of my dreams was to have a gift shop.  Visiting different shops was a favorite thing to do on my days off and I soon found my favorite shops and began to make plans of my own, knowing that they would only be made in my mind.  However, I began seeing things and would tell Dean, "When I have my own shop, I'm going to have this in my store."  After being laid off from my job, we explored the possibility of a shop; however, the economy was still so fragile that we chose to place the idea on a back burner.  I had an opportunity to pursue selling insurance.  It soon became apparent that this was really not the field for me.  After much prayer and research on what needed to be done to open a business, we decided the time had come and my shop started to become a reality.  When Dean asked what I wanted to name the store, I said, "Well, Snicklefritz, of course."  He said, "Well I don't want it to have 'and More' in the name.  You need to have 'Such' in the name.  What are you going to sell?" "Stuff!  You know, stuff that ladies like to have around.  Fun stuff." And thus began "Snicklefritz Stuff 'n Such".  

When you come in the store, you won't see Monica's Molly Snicklefritz.  We lost her in 2014 at the age of 15 1/2.  Molly's "little sister", Fibber McGee (Meggie) Snicklefritz will be at the store through the week.  She is a barky, feisty little thing but loves being with us and protecting us from the UPS and FedEx guys.

It is my desire to help you find and give great gifts to your friends and loved ones.  And what is a gift without a little
fru fru wrapping, which we gladly provide at no charge for your in-store, (and soon online) purchases.  

Thank you for believing in us and helping to make Snicklefritz Stuff 'n Such what it is today.

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